The therapists’ level of skills and knowledge were outstanding, She taught us how to communicate more effectively as a family. It is a very nice facility and we are thrilled with how far our son has come. We can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done. We always will be grateful for what LRA has done for our son and for our family!
You have transformed my son. Thank you!
Overall a very strong program. Our thanks to you and the staff for all the help you provided to us and our daughter. She is much better equipped now than when she arrived, and a lot of that is due to her work with Sarah. Sarah is phenomenal and a real asset to LRA. We cannot say enough good things about her.
We were struggling with our son for over a year. After exhaustively intense research of boarding schools in the nation we ended up at LRA. It was a blessed combination of miracles. During the last 8 months my son received an excellent professional service in terms of therapeutic, school preparation and support from the staff that contributed positively in my son healing. Today he has goals, passion and looks forward to live a life at the Cache Valley. Thanks
Can not say enough good about LRA – the best. Good people! I have told everyone – Great place and people.
Our son is doing extremely well. He is in a college prep school. His visits home and very enjoyable, obeys curfew, socializes with the “right” crowd, drug free (and proud of it). Sending him to Logan River was the best thing we could’ve done. Logan River got him to remain on the right track.
Our son came home from LRA with greatly improved self awareness and greatly improved ability to tolerate emotional/psychological discomfort. The 9 months at LRA was literally pivotal. His therapist did a terrific job working with him and us. I think with gratitude every day about how good it was that our son was assigned to him. He is ready for his senior year, and on track to graduate on time. He still says he wants to be a nurse. Most important, he is stable and more at ease with himself than I have ever known him to be, even as a baby. Thank you.
My daughter is doing great. Thanks so much to all of you for your care and support.
The program LRA was/is a very effective one. All in all, it greatly helped our son.
Matt and Mont are exemplary and I am forever grateful for the efforts they put in as my son’s disability presents a complexity of difficult issues. No therapist has ever come close to Mont. A gem of a human being. I know he learned a lot dealing with us, but his instincts are phenomenal. We all are thankful for his intervention.
Our son has been doing really well. He recently got onto the honor roll at school! He has a job on the weekends and has been saving money. He’s also studying for his driver’s license. The family communication is strong, and we are all doing very well. Thank you again for the great program there at LRA.
My son is so wonderful now. His behavior is like a normal sixteen year old. He gets along well with others and has gotten a weekend job. Thank you so much for all your work.
We are very thankful for the work that was accomplished in our daughter’s life at Logan River. She remains drug free, has been mostly successful at the independent study program she is involved in for school. She enjoys doing community service and has been very consistent at letting us know where she is and keeping to her curfew.
What our son learned, he talked to me about, and I feel he will always take that with him. Without the program, I know we would have lost him forever. I do feel that he has taken the experiences he has learned at LRA and uses them to his good. I am very glad he went and learned to live life. Thank you.

Comments form Parents of Logan River Academy Students

“Our daughter has made some amazing progress, and I appreciate more than words can say all you have done to help her.”

“Thank you for all you have done for my daughter and myself; without your support so much would not have been possible.”

“It has been extremely difficult having my daughter away from home. Knowing she feels safe and comfortable with you means more than you can know. Thank you so much for helping my little girl.”

“The young man we know today bears little resemblance to the teenager who arrived at Logan River seven years ago. We are forever grateful for the role Logan River has played in helping my son grow up.”

“I know that many people have worked hard to make my son’s time with you successful.”

“Things are great. Seriously, great. My daughter is doing a fabulous job with her new school, therapy, friends and her work in a gay program for youth. She and I are getting along just fine. We, of course, have our moments, as all teenagers and parents do, but all-in-all we get along well and manage to talk things out a lot better. I am very proud of how she is dealing with life. She is working for a program that deals with keeping kids from committing suicide. She really enjoys that work and the people she has met through it. I still thank LRA for the change that I see in her. She has become a great kid and a mature citizen.”

“Our son is doing well. He is learning to be more discerning about what it takes to be a friend and he learned that very important lesson with you at LRA.”

“Logan River was a particularly good match because the therapy work is more insight-oriented than at many places, something we felt was critical to longer term success.”

“Our daughter is attending the Culinary Institute of America and loving it. She is doing amazingly well and I thank you again for the large role you played in her healing.”

“We can never thank you enough for what you have done for our family.”

“LRA is a great program and I can honestly say that it was a blessing that my daughter was able to attend this facility. The therapy, communication, and concern for the children were great!”

“I continue to praise LRA to anyone who is in need of help for their teen.”

“The staff at Logan River have given my son another opportunity to be successful in life.”

“I know each case is a little different, but I can’t imagine having a better experience than we have with your organization. I highly recommend Logan River Academy to anyone who has a kid they love in trouble.”

“My son is doing great! I will always be happy to refer to Logan River. It is a great program and they saved my son. How can I ever repay that?”

“Our relationship with Logan River and with our son’s therapist provided a port in a storm, and the flexibility and responsiveness to our son’s and our needs were outstanding. He is using the lessons he learned at Logan River and the insight he gained is a driving force in how he lives his life.”

“Looking back on everything, I can’t thank you enough for all the help you gave all of us during this very, very stressful and difficult time in our lives. You taught me sooo much about being a better parent, setting limits and getting my life back from the daughter who had all this power!!!”

“LRA was instrumental in training us, the parents, in communicating with each other and with our daughter. You worked wonders for my husband and me! Thank you VERY much for EVERYTHING!!!”

“You can definitely use our son as an example of what Logan River can do for kids. He is doing so well. He is happy, healthy, and involved in school sports and other things. He has a great job at the local YMCA and is doing well in school.”

“Our son is at the University of San Diego, and his grades improve each month. He seems to be working very seriously on his personal problems, and in any case he has matured greatly. We thank his therapist and Logan River Academy for this monumental change.”
“Our son has continued to maintain his calm demeanor, consistently. Definitely a great thing! He’s made progress socially, and we’re thrilled that he has some nice friends to make plans with. He’s even had a few crushes, but doesn’t seem to have the confidence to take the next step. I’m sure that will come soon. His time at Logan River Academy gave our son what he needed to move forward with a successful life.”

“Our son is doing well. He is very happy and well adjusted. Thank you, Logan River Academy!”

“My son is incredibly changed in many positive ways and feels very successful. I think that you and Logan River helped him more than he realizes and gave him the start with many of the tools he is now able to dig deep and use to make a meaningful life.”

“I don’t know if you are aware of how much we appreciate your work with our daughter. You have been delightful, patient and effective in working with her and I sincerely appreciate your help and expertise.”

“Our son’s maturity and thought process come through often – what a long way he has come! We hope you share our pride – you were an integral part of helping him on his journey!”

“Our daughter seems really happy. She has so many plans that she cannot keep them straight. You at LRA are one of the very few that have made a difference in our lives. We are so thankful for all you have done for the family. She is doing great in college… just finished her freshman year with wonderful grades.”

“I’d like to mention, in particular, our relationship with our son’s Logan River therapist, who was central to his treatment at Logan River. Our son’s care was challenging because of the multidimensional nature of his difficulties. Simply put, the therapist hung in there with us through thick and thin, with a perseverance that matched ours.”

“Our deepest appreciation for all you have done for our daughter and our family over these past months.”

“I am impressed with your commitment and enthusiasm in helping young people.”

“Our son is showing maturity and growth in many areas of his life. He is much happier and willing to actually do things with us. My wife and I continue to believe that his experience at LRA was the absolute best thing for him and us.”

“Thanks again for your support and kindness. I will forever to grateful for my son’s experience at Logan River. I hope that one day he will know just what he gained by being there.”

“Our son is doing really well. He is finally serious about school, and is currently getting a 3.7 GPA. He has many friends and seems very happy. We have had some bumps in the road but nothing out of the ordinary teenage stuff. Basically, everything has changed since he went to Logan River Academy.”

“My son is a smart, loving boy and has come such a long way. You would be so very proud of him, as you personally should be. LRA is one of the very important mentors in his life, and for a while you were his lifeline. We are good, happy and co-existing quite well together. He is helpful (as much as a 19 year old can be), loving, and pretty darn responsible. Can’t hope for much more.”

“You were such a light in our lives when it all seemed so dark. Thank you for the dedication and time you gave to our daughter. I know she was impacted by your work with her. Our best to everyone at Logan River.”

“Thank you, LRA. Our daughter is doing great! She is a junior at TCU and her grades are great. Of course, dad is so proud of my daughter. She is a Kappa at TCU (As her mother was, as well).”
“My son has used the tools that he learned at Logan River Academy and has remained drug and alcohol free. He has been able to pick appropriate friends and use his skills to develop healthy relationships. I asked him what he would tell the parents of prospective students. He said to tell them, ‘Logan River turned my life around.”

“Our son is doing well. He is working part time in the mall (his first job!) and really likes it. He was finally able to put the computer games away and now he has a real social life, full of friends, girlfriends, parties and lots to do. We have a great relationship and he’s great with other kids. His time at Logan River Academy has served him well.”

“You have a very special spot in both of our hearts. You took very good care of my daughter and I felt very comfortable and confident in you and LRA It was like home and my daughter always speaks very highly of you.”

“My son is doing great. What a turn-around huh? I have spoken with many parents about Logan River – and love to share my family’s story. Thanks again – we could not have done it without you. Keep doing what you do!”

“Our son has become more actively involved as a member of our family. He has been employed for the past three years. He is taking classes at the local college with plans to start attending full-time come January. And most importantly, he has had no association with his previous friends. I would certainly say Matthew’s tenure at Logan River Academy can be claimed as a success.”

“The progress we see in our daughter is due to the excellent staff and therapy you provide for wayward children and their families.

“Thank you hardly touches the gratitude I have for your expertise and more importantly, your gift of unconditional love.”

“Our son thrived at Logan River, blossoming under positive structure and learning some essential things about himself, his mental issues and his substance abuse.”

“A year ago my daughter wanted to end her life. I was told if she wasn’t sent to a facility in Utah, she might not live to see her 16th birthday. I was traumatized and ached for my baby girl who was thousands of miles away from me. How do I thank the people who helped my fragile girl cope with her emotional challenges and become a stronger person? You will always be in my heart and prayers.”

“When I think where we were not so very long ago, I have to catch my breath a bit. My confidence builds every day that she stays on the right path. Thank you again for the wonderful work you did to get her there!”

“We are enjoying having our son back at home and very much appreciate all of the hard work done by everyone at LRA to help him control his behavior and attitude and allow him to be a part of the family again.”

Comments From Some Logan River Academy Alumni

“Thank you LRA for helping me finally get a grip on reality and start my life, and I will say, it’s a good one!’

“I’d just like to thank you for everything you’ve done. You’ve helped mold me into the better person I am today and accomplish things I couldn’t possibly have done without you. It really does mean the world.”

“I have Logan River Academy to thank for the person I am today.”

“I’m not sure exactly what it was or how it happened, but it always rings in my head that LRA is where I learned to succeed.”

“I honestly don’t know how to thank you enough because I feel like I owe you my life.”

“When it comes down to it, I credit LRA with giving me the knowledge and tools to make it. I can say you did me well.”

“You have helped me become who I am today. For the longest time I thought I could never get help or change. I am now sober (and wanting to be). I believe in myself, and I have a wonderful relationship with my mom.”

“Thank you for the big influence that these months of work together at LRA have made in my present and future life. You have known how to help me in the best way.”

“Logan River Academy has been a great experience for me because it helped me be responsible in my own life. Thank you everyone for giving time, effort, and hard work in not just helping me, but I see it also for the other students.”

“I owe LRA my life because it saved me from death, jail, or other consequences. This place gave me a second chance and I don’t know how to express my gratitude.”

“Thank you for sticking with me throughout these rough nine months and continuing to believe in me and encourage me. It has made all the difference.”

“My therapist probably saved not only my life, but my parents’ lives.”

“I have changed and grown very much in this past year and have the therapists, staff and school to thank for a lot of this growth.”

“Thank you for being such an understanding and helpful aid to me. Without you I don’t know where I would be… I appreciate you always.”

“I’ve met few people so devoted to their jobs as my therapist at LRA. She cared so much about her students.”

“There are no words to express how grateful I am for your help and your kindness. Thank you from my heart.”

“For many years I didn’t think that I could be like everyone else and succeed and do the right thing, but my therapist showed me the way to be not only a good person, but that it was okay to be me and to be human.”

“I am really grateful that I found a therapist like you, who I can trust and who I feel really comfortable talking to.”

“My therapist gave me everything she could to help me make those changes that will help me be a happy person for the rest of my life.”

“I’m doing GREAT, busy with college. I’m studying to be a school counselor. THANKS for all your help!”

“I’m so thankful for all that you have done for me. I will always remember the positive influence you had on my life.”