Through a foundation of caring, fairness, accountability, honesty, and respect, Tavasi provides young men, ages 13-18, the support, skills and experience to live successful and principled lives. We believe young men that make principle-based choices are better prepared to live emotionally, socially, academically, spiritually, and physically strong lives. We empower our students to to live effectively and productively in a homelike environment as they prepare to integrate back into society.

Length of time at Tavasi is based on the individual needs of the student. No one is forced to to live at Tavasi–students choose to participate in the family style program. Tavasi students are required to have successfully completed treatment in another setting or at Logan River Academy prior to applying. Typical students have been successful in their treatment, but still require the support and skill development that Tavasi offers. Our goal is to build on the progress that has been achieved, preparing each young man to be successful in life.

Family involvement is critical whether or not students plan to return home. Family contact and family therapy occur often. Visits and phone calls are frequent and encouraged.

Tavasi students are involved in a variety of service opportunities in the community.Volunteering with the elderly, helping the local food bank, and adopting a trail are just a few examples. Tavasi students have on-campus work opportunities, as well as are responsible for taking care of our pet dogs.These ventures provide opportunities for responsibility, service, caring, fun, companionship, and enjoyment.

Tavasi is dedicated to assisting young men build on their past success through mentoring and character development. Mentors work daily in groups and individually to guide, support, and direct students in their progression on their individual development plans. Mentors focus on building life skills, problem solving, communication, and goal setting, as well as the five principles–honesty, respect, accountability, fairness, and caring.