At Logan River Academy we are passionate about working with boys with Autism Spectrum Disorders. We have two dorms designated for these boys. Our vision is to provide the ideal school, living conditions, and therapy for an adolescent with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

At Logan River Academy we use the ESSENCE model as our guide to treatment: Executive Functioning, Sensory, Self-care, Emotional regulation, Navigating relationships, Communication, and Empathy. Our treatment focuses on these core issues. We develop individualized treatment plans to specifically address each need that each student has in these seven domains. We use a level system that provides ongoing feedback for the boys as well as a concrete method in helping them to reach their goals.

We understand that these boys will have to continue working on these issues throughout their lives. Our goal is to help them make progress in each area in order to build a strong foundation and be able to cope with the normal demands of life as well as find enjoyment in life through being successful.

Foundations has a strong clinical emphasis. Many of our students are clinically complex and thus need a sophisticated therapeutic approach. Our therapists are highly skilled in working with students with a wide range of presenting issues, most commonly: Depression, Anxiety, Unhealthy Coping skills (substance abuse, video game addiction, etc.), Anger, Unhealthy Relationships, Academic and Family Struggles,  and Adoption and Attachment Related Issues. Our boys participate in an exceptional academic program. Our classes are co-ed. Classes are taught by certified teachers with a curriculum that will help prepare them for their next academic step, whatever it may be. Classes typically include an average of 8-12 students in a classroom, allowing one-on-one individualized support. In addition to teacher directed classes, options for online and guided learning classes are provided to expand our offerings and to help prepare students for the future demands that they may face in a college or university environment. Students may also choose to participate in our highly esteemed art program. We have special education teachers on staff to provide specialized instruction and appropriate accommodations. The program is built on the Five Principles for Effective Living – Honesty, Respect, Accountability, Fairness, and Caring. Our program emphasizes developing, improving, and maintaining healthy relationships in life. Our dedicated team works to help our boys in an individualized way. We use evidence-based practices and techniques in all that we do.

Maple Rise Academy is a girls only program with an approach based on a relationship model with a heavy emphasis on learning DBT skills. Students are empowered to help determine their treatment and day-to-day living experience. This small and specialized program geared to the unique needs of girls provides a sophisticated clinical approach for girls struggling at home, in school, or in the community. In addition to individual, group, and family therapy, our girls participate in equine therapy, adventure learning, and activities relating to healthy living, arts and culture, and community service.

Tavasi is Logan River Academy’s transitional living program for students to learn to succeed in a less structured, more homelike environment. Tavasi students focus on independent living skills, exercising more autonomy, mentoring other students, becoming leaders, and providing community service.